Auditing & Assurance

  • Reporting Accountant – Transactions

    For mergers and acquisitions, we can perform assurance engagement on financial statements, issue accountant’s reports, and prepare unaudited pro forma financial statements and profit forecasts.

  • Financial Statement Review

    We provide reviews through enquiry and analytical procedures to financial statements such as interim financial statements and issue review reports based on our results.

  • Compilation Engagement

    We can assist in providing compilation engagements which assist our clients in the preparation and presentation of financial information. The engagement can be carried out on a monthly, quarterly or annually basis.

  • Agreed-Upon Procedures Engagement

    We can tailor our engagements for clients to focus on specific areas of concern in order to meet their needs. We can provide reports of factual findings of agreed-upon procedures without expressing assurance opinions. Relying on our factual findings, clients can prepare for further action or formulate their business strategy.

  • Projection and Forecast

    We can prepare prospective financial statements based on clients' needs that present the projected financial position and results of operations and cash flows under given hypothetical assumptions.



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